Lifestyle Design Operations Excellence team - internship

The candidate will be part of the Operations Excellence team, a cross-Brand unit with global scope within Lifestyle Design, whose mission is to identify, prioritize and launch performance improvement opportunities across the various Brands.
Most of the initiatives will be project-based and will require intensive co-operation with a large number of colleagues.
Examples of areas in scope (illustrative, definitely not exhaustive)
  • Detailed benchmarking of product cost and performance, both internally and with competitors
  • Preparation of cost Vs price analyses to support negotiations with suppliers on various categories
  • Build-up of the global logistic model (i.e. flows, warehouses) to optimize cost and service level to customer
  • Development of tailored indicators to measure industrial performance
Experience and Education:
  • Engineering (any type)
  • Economics, but with a strong personal interest in industrial, manufacturing topics

Technical and Soft skills:
  • No specific skills required, but rather very strong intrinsics:
  • Problem solving ability: structuring and prioritizing
  • Numerical agility
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Business judgment
  • Open and extrovert attitude, ability to deal effectively with colleagues of very different background

Work location:  Meda (MB)
Funzioni aziendali
IT - Italy/Monza Brianza